Patient Testimonials

Dr. Ednan Mushtaq


W.R. - July 3, 2018

Dear Dr. Mushtaq,
I would like to express my gratitude to you, your staff, and your
associate's for the recent treatment of my pleomorphic adenoma. Needless to
say, the discovery of a tumor was disconcerting: before the operation I
couldn't get it out of my head. In seriousness, though your clear and
considerate explanation of my condition, its implications, the treatment,
and the potential complications were reassuring. I am also given to
understand that the process of detaching the nerve was particularly involved
in my case. Surgery is naturally fastidious work, but I hope you know that I
have not taken your patient and precise work for granted. With a face like
mine I can afford no great loss in form or function. Finally, I would like
to convey my great esteem for your office staff; they were a pleasure to
work with.

Falls Church, VA


M. Walker - Feb 28, 2017

I’ve had a great experience with ENT&Facial Plastic Surgery and Dr. Mushtaq. I had an extensive surgery to correct my breathing and appearance of my nose. Mostly due to a previous failed surgery and doctor who misrepresented his ability. I made the mistake of going to a general full body plastic surgeon instead of someone who knows and understands the complexity of this sensitive procedure. I researched a lot of doctors in the area and found Dr. Mushtaq to be the most experienced in these difficult reconstructive procedures. Today is my 1 month post op and I can’t believe how well I can breathe and how straight and even my nose is. I never imagined being able to breathe this well. The healing process can be long and painful but well worth it to have improved breathing the rest of your life. I think it’s important to be realistic about the healing process. Dr. Mushtaq and his staff were always available for my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Mushtaq to anyone in need of a great ENT and facial plastic surgeon!

Reston, VA


J. Merrit Patton- October 2014

It was a frightening scene when our youngest daughter Kayla fell face first into the diving board and broke her nose. With all the swelling, blood, pain and tears, I feared she might be scarred for life. I couldn’t have imagined that in just a few weeks, after several surgeries, she’d look as good as new!! She doesn’t suffer from any lasting damage. We appreciate not only your skill but how kind and patient you walked us through each option and then performed each procedure within just a day or two of each discussion. It’s a miracle! Thank you so much!

McLean, VA


Richard Patton - July 2014

I went to Dr. Mushtaq back in February to look at my deviated nasal septum that I have been suffering with for about 35 years. The Dr. also recommended that I have surgery to straighten the tip of my nose (rhinoplasty), eyelid and forehead lift. I could not be more pleased with the results. A week after the surgery when the packing came out of my nose I could not believe how well I could breathe from my nose especially when lying down. No more nasal congestion and my nose looks nice and straight. I also elected to go with the skin treatments three times a week for about a month and that really helped with the healing. It has now been three months since my procedures and I look and feel great.

Vienna, VA


D. Hackney - December 2013

1). Sleep Much Better
2). Had a pallet advancement, have a better concentration
3). Don't feel sleepy, more energized, more active
4). Not feeling sad or depressed
5). Highly Recommended

Thanks very much!!!!!! Well worth the discomfort.
Alexandria, VA


C.J.O. - June 2013

I am writing you my thanks and strongest recommendation to our community the services of Dr. Mushtaq and his fine staff.

Following the advice of my GP, I first visited Dr. Mushtaq no more than two months ago for a biopsy. The plan was that I would return in a week to learn the results of the test. Instead, I was called the very next day by the good doctor. he told me he wanted to avoid having me await the news and offered me choices right there on the phone. I very much appreciated this personal approach to say nothing of the fact that as a rather healthy middle-aged man I wanted to address my issues as soon as possible. He assured his staff would handle all arrangements and true to his words my procedures to remove and reconstruct were on the calendar.

The removal of the aforementioned cancer was done via MOHS process by another surgeon hand-picked by Dr. Mushtaq. That process left me with a rather sizable deep and wide exposed area on my head just between my left eye and my side burn. I arrived at Dr. Mushtaq's offices where his excellent staff prepped me for the second part of the process. i will note that Dr. Mushtaq's office is staffed with experts from the front desk all the way into the examination rooms. They answer every question about billing, procedures, and post-operative care one can muster. They are also very kind and caring which I suspect is the hall mark of operation run by a very confident and competent medical executive.

Results must vary from patient to patient but I wa agog at the amazing work he did. When I arrived on the afternoon with a hole in my head, I had modest expectations about how I would look following the reconstruction. Three days hence I was walking around with a small bandage on my head drawing not even a question from people that I perhaps "bumped my head". At this writing, I can safely assume no one will even know I had these procedures after a fashion and I owe this happy result to Dr. Mushtaq, his amazing senior staff, and the team at his office.

Thus, I will highly recommend Dr. Mushtaq to everyone I know that will listen. Thank you for taking time to read this note and I bid you, the staff and Dr. M "have a great day".

McLean, VA


J.M. - March 2013

After spending years not breathing to full capacity, snoring at night, having sleep apnea issues, I finally decided to take the plunge and correct my severely deviated septum. Dr. Mushtaq and his team did a wonderful job prepping me and walking me through the procedure. The surgery itself was very quick and painless. The recover was uncomfortable, but I did have a slight sinus infection for which antibiotics helped. Once the packing came out, I have been in pure heaven. I actually have to be careful not to breathe too deep in cold weather - I have never had that much cold air in my sinuses before! I encourage you to research "dry mouth and mouth breathing" if you are on the fence about having surgery. Insufficient nose breathing can cause a whole host of systemic issues. I only wish I had done it years ago. I haven't had an exercise induced asthma attack since the surgery.

Thank You Doctor Mushtaq!
McLean, VA


P. Ramming - March 2013

Dr. Mushtaq is one of the kindest, most competent health professionals I have ever met. For the past four years Dr. Mushtaq has provided superb medical care to my 6-year old. In addition, he has an incredibly calm, reassuring demeanor, be it in the operating room before surgery for ear tubes or in the days and weeks following a traumatic dog attack that left my daughter with severe lacerations on her face. We never feel rushed and he takes the time to explain everything he's doing and answer our questions. The office and clinical staff are a joy to work with as well. Our family feels very fortunate to have Dr. Mushtaq as our doctor.

Arlington, VA


P. Anderson - Feb 20 2013

I’ve been a patient for several years doing the shot therapy. I noticed a big improvement. Due to work, I had to travel and was unable to continue doing my shots for over a year. Big mistake! I noticed I had severe colds, severe sinus issues, itchy eyes, and inner ear issues. Now I’m back under Dr. Mushtaq’s care with the weekly shots and appropriate medications. What a difference!

M.C. - Febuary 2013

"Deviated Septum Surgical Correction"

Dr. Mushtaq is a fabulous surgeon and doctor with great bedside manner.
Though deviated septum correction is not fun and the healing process can be challenging, as soon as 4 months out I was feeling healthier and breathing better. I no longer gasp for air in the middle of the night. One year
after surgery and my allergies are mostly gone, and my nose is completely
healed and clear. This surgery REALLY improved the quality of my life.

Thanks Dr. Mushtaq!

Nance K. - January 2013

I was impressed by Dr. Mushtaq from my initial consultation. He was so personable and really interested in my concerns. I had previous surgery on
my nose for my septum but it was not successful. In fact my breathing became
worse over the years following it. Thankfully Dr. Mushtaq was able to go in
and correct things so I can now breathe freely. I would have recommended him
to other friends & coworkers as he is truly fantastic.

McLean, VA

T.B. - November 23, 2012

Dr. Mushtaq is one of the best doctors I have seen. I was very nervous
about having my thyroid removed, but he explained every aspect of the
surgery and put my mind at ease. He was also extremely kind and comforting and really and truly cared about me and my health. Thyroid cancer was scary for me, but he did all he could to make me feel better, both physically and emotionally. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. They surgery went well and the aftercare was amazing. He really has an eye for detail. I would recommend him to anyone I know. The office overall is extremely organized and on top of things. I always left knowing exactly what my next step was. Overall an amazing office and doctor!

S.Y. - November 19, 2012

Dr. Musthaq was extremely thorough from my initial consultation all the way through my surgery. Most important in a physician is knowledge and bed sidemanner. Dr. Mushtaq took his time explaining the diagnosis and procedural steps. He emulates a physician with great bed side manner and makes his patients feel comfortable and confident with his work.

B. Varvaglione - September 17, 2012

I highly recommend Dr. Mushtaq and his staff for allergy treatment and the
medical issues relating to the inner ear. I started coming here approximately three years ago for treatment regarding allergies and balance issues. I have been coming here for three years and have noticed a big improvement in my health. I can't remember the last time I had a sinus infection. Dr. Mushtaq also treated me for meniere's symptoms with helpful results.

My frequency of bronchitis has gone down quite a bit and I attribute this to the allergy shots. For many years, I put off allergy shots due to concern in
frequency or if it would be uncomfortable. But now I can truly say that your health is worth it and take the extra step to better health. My health improved so much in the three years that I have been receiving the allergy shots. It was worth it to me to come here.

Annandale, VA


Cheryl H. - July 27, 2012

My experience under Dr Mushtaq's care has been exceptional. I recommend him to friends all the time. He is highly skilled and he delivers excellent results. I trust his judgement; he knows what can be done and more critically what cannot be done. He has years of experience behind him so he knows what procedure works best for certain areas of concern. He also listens very well and he takes whatever time it takes to explain procedures. From experience, he has developed his pain management routine and I have no complaints.

Oakton, VA


Krista - Oct 7, 2011

I have never written a review about a doctor but felt compelled to do so after my experience yesterday with Dr. Mushtaq. I had been to the ER earlier in the week and was still having horrible pain in my ear. When I called to make an appt., I was told that they wouldn't have anything available until the following week. I explained my situation and the receptionist told me she would talk to the dr and call me back. She called back within about 30 min and said they would be able to get me in that afternoon.

It turned out that I had an abscess in my ear. Dr. Mushtaq was so kind and empathetic. He also explained everything that he was going to do before he did it, which I really appreciated. I have had some really bad experiences with doctors over the years, but when I have the pleasure of being treated by an individual like Dr. Mushtaq it changes the entire experience.

Thank you Dr. Mushtaq!


A.P. June 17, 2011

Very competent doctor. Was referred to by an ER doc in Inova Fairfax. I went to Dr. Mushtaq after an ER doctor referred me to him. ER doctors are typically very familiar with the competency of other practitioners because these doctors get to see all other specialties practice medicine when they are called in to the ER. Having worked in an Emergency Room for 10 years, I really exhausted my research and learned that Dr. Mushtaq is not only competent in ENT, but also plastic surgery. I have been suffering from allergies complicated by deviated septum. I had rhinoplasty 20 years ago by a different physician. After years of chronic sinus infections and many doctors, I saw Dr. Mushtaq. He not only showed me the root cause of my problems, but also corrected it. I strongly recommend this doctor to anyone with ENT or plastic surgery problem. I think to know if a doctor is good or not, you have to be a doctor yourself. I am not, but I have asked many ER doctors and got the same answer.

I wrote the above a while ago and decided to add the following in response to the only bad review I see. I disagree with "MyAwesomeCard" and my experience was the opposite. The advice to me was to treat my allergies before surgery and that is exactly what has helped me. In other words, this doctor urged me to try treating my allergies before I resort to surgery.

McLean, VA

Timothy B. - June 17, 2011

Dr. Mushtaq,

I want to express my thanks for your excellent surgical work in the case of my acute chronic sinusitis. When I first came to your office I was growing increasingly stuffed up and had begun to experience frequent sinus infections and somewhat labored breathing through my nose. Although I was initially resistant to pursuing a surgical solution to my sinus challenges, under your experienced counsel I elected to pursue surgery as the best solution following a year of weighing options, trying various nasal sprays, and weathering eight sinus infections. My surgical experience under your medical care and steady hand was positive from start to finish. You ensured I felt comfortable with the procedure in advance and helped to shape realistic expectations as to what the procedure would and would not do to alleviate my condition. Following surgery, your aftercare continued to exceed my expectations. I healed quickly and now enjoy the results of the surgery with each clear breath.

As an endurance athlete, this operation was critical for the continued enjoyment of my sports pursuits. I no longer require any nasal sprays, suffer from sinus infections, or have difficulty in breathing through my nose. I am thrilled with the results and want to again offer my heartfelt thanks for your expertise and surgical prowess.

I would also like to comment that your entire staff was very supportive throughout my pre- and post-surgery treatment. You have an impressive team and I strongly recommend your services to others who may be suffering from chronic sinusitis.

Thanks again!
Sincerely, Timothy B.


C. Johnston - May 5, 2011

I HIGHLY recommend Dr . I struggled for over 15 years with a deviated septum and constant sinus issues/infections. I had two previous septoplasties by two different physicians and neither of them were successful, in fact, they seemed to make my issues worse. In 2010 I decided once again to attempt to get my septum and sinuses repaired so I could breathe better, reduce the number of infections, and not have to look at the physical imperfections caused by my collapsing septum. Because of the complexity of my case and the fact that previous failed operations left my septum weak and damaged, none of the physicians I visited felt comfortable enough to take on my case. Finally, an ENT specialist near my home recommended that I visit Dr. Mushtaq in McLean Va, explaining to me that he was the best in this field. Although Dr Mushtaq was two hours away from me, I felt I had to try one last doctor before giving up. This was absolutely the best decision I could have made!

Without hesitation, Dr. Mushtaq accepted my case and was confident in his ability to provide a successful outcome. He was a true professional with an amazing ability to provide information, explanations, and options that I could easily understand and feel comfortable with. He performed a nasal fracture and endoscopic sinus surgery and the outcome is fantastic! I couldn't be happier! For the first time in over 15 years I can breathe through my nose, my sinuses are draining properly, and the physical appearance of my nose has significantly improved. I honestly didn't believe that such skilled physicians with great bed-side manners like this existed, but Dr Mushtaq proved me wrong. He and his office staff have always treated me with great care and respect, never making me feel rushed and extremely responsive to all of my needs. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Mushtaq and strongly believe that any distance you have to travel to be in his care will be well worth your time!!!

A.G. - April 5, 2011

I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for the medical procedure that you performed for me pertaining to Rhinoplastic surgery as well as the other related surgeries done at the same time as relates to clearing my nasal breathing, etc. Not only was the operation a success but it exceeded my expectations and I constantly get compliments from close family members and friends that have noticed the improvement not to mention that I breath much better now. The entire process with you and your staff was very impressive from the initial consultation right through to the follow up appointments after the surgery. Everything was explained to me in great detail and very professionally. You went to great lengths to analyze my facial features to make sure that the surgery would produce the right results to compliment my other features so that the outcome blended smoothly. I especially liked how you did the photographs and through your computer software you were able to show me how I would look after the procedure (which I might add that the results after the procedure look exactly like the modified pictures you did with your software during our first consultation!). The courteousness and care by you and your staff was very noticeable. You made the entire experience easy and addressed all of my concerns. In fact, on the day of the surgery, I knew I was in good hands and had nothing to worry about. I would not hesitate to use you again and I will certainly recommend you without hesitation. Please feel free to have any of your potential clients call me for a reference.

Best Regards
McLean, VA


C. Daniel - April 5, 2011

What can I say except I could not be happie! You and your staff are so compassionate and understanding. The results of my surgery is simply unbelievable! I am truly grateful. We only wish that all our Doctors were like you and your staff.

Falls Church, VA


R. Holmes - April 4, 2011

For anyone looking for an excellent ear, nose and throat doctor I highly recommend Dr. Ednan Mushtaq in McLean, Virginia. Dr. Mushtaq has handled several medical matters for my wife and I, always with extreme professionalism. Above all, I am most grateful to Dr. Mushtaq for his thoroughness in finding and removing a tumor, which he detected on my carotid artery during a routine non-related examination. Dr. Mushtaq performed the delicate surgery to remove the tumor and supervised the follow-up in his usual competent matter. You will be in good hands if you utilize the services of Dr. Mushtaq.

Alexandria, VA

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