Do I need laser treatment?

Lasers are a very effective means of treating skin abnormalities such as pigmentation, blood vessels,  wrinkle lines, acne scars,  stretch marks (body straie),  melasma, post surgical scars or discoloration.  They can be performed quickly with minimal down time and expense.     The main question to ask oneself is specifically what are your goals.    It is important to remember that changing the face by very small increments can result in dramatic changes in the appearance.   Laser is a very intense light consisting of a single wavelength which targets a specific part of the body tissue such as blood vessels,  melanocytes (pigment cells), or water (present in cells which result in wrinkles).     A desirable result is one which allows the patient’s natural beauty to be enhanced while correcting any asymmetries or irregularities.  Obtaining ideas from pictures of models in magazines can help you decide what is aesthetically pleasing to you; however, it is usually unrealistic to attempt to look like someone else.  You will undergo a comprehensive consultation with the facial plastic surgeon to determine which laser will be the most appropriate for you.    We use four lasers in the office:   Alexandrite,  Flash Lamp Dye,  Nd Yag, and the Carbon Dioxide (CO2).  Each is used for very specific applications. 

Vbeam (Flash Lamp Dye Laser)™ 

Flash Lamp Dye Laser is considered the “gold standard” in the industry for treatment of blood vessels and redness in the tissues.  It is very effective for facial telangiectasias, rosacea, warts, abdominal stria (stretch marks), leg and body vessels .  It can also be used to treat redness in incisions and bruising after procedures.  It is very safe for treatment of congenital blood vessel growths in children.   The laser procedure is usually quick and does not require any anesthetic because our laser system applies a cooling spray on the skin prior to the laser beam which virtually eliminates significant discomfort.      In general, it is very safe and the healing times are relatively short.  Most patients do not require any post procedure care except sun protection.  Sometimes there can be slight redness or discoloration at the site of treatment which usually lasts for 1 week.  Most patients see a result within a month. 

Alexandrite Laser (Gentle Max Pro™)

Alexandrite laser is used primarily for removal of hair and dark or brown pigmented spots on the skin.  It is also very effective for warts and keratoses.  It requires no anesthetic because the laser sprays a cooling spray prior to each laser pulse.  There are minimal post procedure skin changes and skin care includes moisturizers and sun protection.

Nd Yag Laser (Gentle Max Pro™)

Nd Yag Laser is a versatile laser with diverse applications depending on the mode it is used.  It is used for hair removal in people of color or ethnic skin.  It is very effective for larger, deeper more violaceous blood vessels and deep tissue tightening of the face, neck, cleavage areas of the chest, and under arms.   There are minimal post procedure changes and skin care includes moisturizers and sun protection.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Carbon Dioxide laser has been around for many years for treatment of skin wrinkles.  It was renowned for great results however the healing times and post procedure care was very laborious.  We use the latest technology which allows the laser in specific modes to individualize the treatment goals.  For those who want quick healing times over multiple sessions,  the laser is used in a fractionated mode, for those who want more dramatic results with lesser sessions,  the laser is used in an ablative mode which is effective for deep wrinkles however the healing times and post procedure care is more involved.  Usually,  people can return to their work within 3- 5 days (fractionated mode) or 7-14 days (ablative mode).

Who performs the treatments?

Lasers are very effective in achieving results quickly, safely, and in a cost effective manner; however, they require the same level of care and discipline as surgical procedures.  The person operating the device should have a thorough knowledge of the laser’s properties and have experience in manipulating body tissues.  All treatments are performed under the supervision of a Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon who has extensive training with lasers.   Hair removal and tissue tightening are performed by laser certified staff under Dr. Ednan Mushtaq’s supervision.  Skin blood vessel, pigmentation, and wrinkle removal treatments are performed by Dr. Mushtaq.   Dr. Mushtaq was trained at the prestigious Beckman Laser Institute in California where most of the cutting edge laser research and trials are conducted. Dr. Mushtaq has thorough knowledge of laser physics and surgical anatomical knowledge of the treatment sites which allows him to maximize results without compromising safety.   Dr. Mushtaq is double boarded in Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery.  Most of the new patients are referrals from previous patients.  Please refer to Dr. Enan Mushtaq profile page for details of his credentials.

How can I discuss my thoughts with my doctor?

You can schedule a complimentary facial consultation.  After discussing your goals, I will examine your nose thoroughly.  You will undergo computer imaging and analysis which will allow us to discuss the changes you desire in detail.  It is very important to understand precisely what your surgeon is planning for you and the computer imager will allow you to visualize both yours and your surgeon’s thoughts.  Please click here to schedule a Facial Consultation.

Can I see some before and after pictures?

Yes.  I have included some of my photos on this website for your perusal along with patient testimonials.  I have 20 years of digital images.  I started using the video imaging technology during its early beginnings; therefore,  I have many patient photos to share with you. Photos of patients are released by patient consent only.  A patient’s right to privacy is strictly observed.   Please click here to view our Photo Gallery.

Do you have any patient testimonials?

Yes.  Please click here to view our patient testimonial page.

Are the laser treatments covered by insurance?  How can I obtain information about  all of the costs?

In general,  laser treatments  are considered cosmetic or investigational procedures by the insurers; therefore, during your facial consultation, you will receive an estimate of surgeon’s fee, facility fee, anesthesia fee, and any miscellaneous fees (e.g. special equipment). Please contact us for more information.

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