Brow Lift

Brow Lift

Forehead lift and Eyelid Surgery

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Click to enlargeForehead lift and Eyelid surgery is the appropriate procedure for those with excess drooping of the brow or eyelid skin and fat can give a “tired” or angry appearance. Correction of this problem can be performed with both non-surgical and surgical techniques. Most people who wish to have eyelid surgery do not consider the entire eyelid and brow complex. It is important to note that correcting any droop of the upper eyelid or excess skin and fat without correcting the brow position can lead to an unsatisfactory result. Decreasing the distance between the upper eyelid and the brow can give a “squinting” appearance which is not aesthetic. Similarly, fat herniation in the lower eyelid appear as “bags under the eyes”. The problem can be corrected with a surgical procedure which has no visible incisions and can be performed in the office with local anesthetic and very little down time. A thorough analysis must be performed by your surgeon to determine the exact problem which will allow for designing the most effective treatment strategy. It is important to remember that changing the face by very small increments can result in dramatic changes in the appearance. A desirable result is one which allows the patient’s natural beauty to be enhanced while correcting any asymmetries or irregularities. Obtaining ideas from pictures of models in magazines can help you decide what is aesthetically pleasing to you; however, it is usually unrealistic to attempt to look like someone else. The job of a good surgeon is to understand your goals and to advise you, based on his assessment and experience, on the best procedure.

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