Pediatric Speech Delay

Pediatric Speech Delay

What Is a Speech Delay?

Speech delay refers to a delay in the development or use of mechanisms that produce speech. Different from language delay, although both can occur simultaneously, speech delay affects the process of making sounds.

Examples of speech delay include not making normal attempts to communicate, failing to reach age-appropriate milestones, and even attempting to communicate but being unable to produce coherent speech or sounds.

How Is a Speech Delay Diagnosed?

There are many ways to determine if your child has a speech delay, and your doctor is likely to combine a number of methods for an accurate diagnosis. Your child’s doctor will interview you about your child’s speech, which milestones they’ve reached if any, and any other known medical concerns or developmental issues.

From there, they’ll check your child’s speech and language skills, alongside standardized testing. It’s very likely your child’s doctor will order a hearing test to determine if their delay is caused by hearing loss.

How Is a Speech Delay Treated?

Parents of a child with speech delay are the most important tool for improvement. This includes reading to your child often, using simple and clear language to get them to engage, practicing speech with them, and positive reinforcement and influence.

There are many causes for a speech delay, including hearing loss, learning disabilities, brain injury, neurological problems, physical disorders, and more. The cause of your child’s speech delay influences treatment.

Treatment options include speech therapy, psychologist, physical therapy, hearing aids, and / or other individualized plans that are appropriately tailored to your child’s needs and age.

Where Can I Get Treatment for My Child’s Speech Delay in McLean?

Our team at ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery understands how difficult it is for both you and your child when living with a speech delay. That’s why we’re committed to providing exceptional, personalized care for improvement in speech and quality of life.

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