PRP + RF Microneedling

PRP + RF Microneedling

PRP + RF Microneedling in McLean

Tired of using creams and other topical products that don’t provide the age-defying results you want?

With PRP + RF microneedling, you can finally have healthy, beautiful looking skin. PRP + RF microneedling tones and tightens skin while minimizing the signs of aging and other imperfections.

Why Choose PRP + RF Microneedling Anti-Aging Treatment?

The biggest reason so many people love it is that this treatment is extremely effective. It uses tiny needles to penetrate the skin along with radiofrequency (RF), which delivers heat to the deep layers of the dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin production. The addition of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) takes it to the next level of skin rejuvenation!

What Does PRP + RF Microneedling Feel Like?

You may experience some stinging and slight discomfort during the procedure. To make the treatment as comfortable as possible, a numbing cream is typically applied beforehand.

There is little to no recovery or downtime after undergoing PRP + RF microneedling. Afterwards, the treatment area may be red and flushed, with effects similar to a sunburn. You may also experience sensitivity and tightness. Redness typically subsides within two to three days.

When Will I See Results From PRP + RF Microneedling?

The final results of PRP + RF microneedling aren’t immediate. It typically takes two to three weeks to see improvements in your skin. During this time, the skin begins to repair itself and collagen production increases. You should see a noticeable difference in four to six weeks, with results improving for up to six months.

Am I a Good Candidate for PRP + RF Microneedling?

Nearly anyone who is looking to improve the overall appearance of their skin is a good candidate for PRP + RF microneedling. To find out for sure whether you qualify, book a consultation with an experienced microneedling provider offering this sensational rejuvenating treatment.

Where Is the Best Place to Get PRP + RF Microneedling in McLean?

Love every inch of your skin and feel more confident than ever with PRP + RF microneedling. Get the results you want with treatment from ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery. Contact us today at 703-448-0005 to book with us for better skin!