Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

What Is Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is described as difficulty hearing or understanding some or all sounds.

There are many culprits behind hearing loss, including blockages due to ear infection or wax buildup, auditory processing disorder, damage to the part of the brain that controls hearing, and nerve damage in the ear.

Hearing loss can be permanent or temporary, but both instances require immediate action to prevent your child’s condition from worsening.

How Is Hearing Loss Diagnosed?

Newborns are mandated to receive a hearing screening before leaving the hospital, however this doesn’t always happen for a number of reasons. It’s recommended that your child receives a hearing test within the first three weeks of life.

For infants, toddlers, or older children, there are many tests available that your doctor can order to determine if your child has hearing loss, the severity, the cause, and what can be done.

These tests give the doctor an opportunity to engage with your child on an age-appropriate level to their hearing and speech, either by using games, oriented sounds, speech and tone stimuli, and more.

How Is Hearing Loss Treated?

Treatment for hearing loss is incredibly diverse and tailored to your child’s age and needs. It is easier than ever to address hearing loss with devices such as hearing aids or cochlear implants. Speech therapy is also beneficial for kids with difficulty hearing.

Temporary hearing loss as a result of wax buildup, infection, or other causes can be treated with medicine like antibiotics, wax removal, and / or other simple procedures or medications.

Where Can I Get Treatment for Hearing Loss in McLean?

Hearing loss can be incredibly challenging for both you and your child, leaving you with a lot of questions. ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery is committed to helping you find answers and the solution to your child’s hearing loss.

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