Hoarseness / Noisy Breathing

Hoarseness / Noisy Breathing

What Is Hoarseness and Noisy Breathing?

It’s completely normal for your child to experience hoarseness and noisy breathing during a cold, but what about when a simple cold isn’t the culprit?

There are many reasons your child may be experiencing hoarseness and / or noisy breathing and, thankfully, most are benign.

Hoarseness is described as breathy, harsh or coarse sounding speech, typically resulting due to any illnesses or complications with the vocal cords. Noisy breathing comes in many different varieties as a result of many different reasons, like asthma, respiratory infections, and narrowed airways, among other causes.

How Are Hoarseness and Noisy Breathing Diagnosed?

Both of these issues can easily be heard and diagnosed based on sound alone, but your ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor will want to look further into the source of these atypical sounds.

Your child’s pediatric ENT will ask about your child’s medical history, listen for the strain and breathiness in voice or breathing, and perform a physical examination. These examinations include getting an internal view of the voice box, a flexible nasopharyngoscopy, or other necessary tests to determine the core issue.

How Are Hoarseness / Noisy Breathing Treated?

There are many ways to treat both hoarseness and noisy breathing. Many ENTs will recommend speech therapy, medications, lifestyle changes, surgery, and / or ongoing monitoring and supportive care.

Due to the many reasons for hoarseness and noisy breathing, treatment is tailored to your child’s needs on an age appropriate level. You and your child’s specialist will discuss a variety of options based on comfort, cost, and success rates.

Where Can I Get Treatment for My Child’s Hoarseness and Noisy Breathing in McLean?

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