Implantable Hearing Devices

Implantable Hearing Devices

Implantable Hearing Devices in McLean

For children with hearing loss, hearing devices like hearing aids and cochlear implants are life-changing, allowing them to hear clearly and prevent further hearing impairment.

Implantable hearing devices, such as cochlear implants or bone-anchored hearing devices, are especially beneficial for children with moderate to severe hearing loss.

Why Should My Child Have an Implantable Hearing Device?

There are many ways your child can benefit from an implantable hearing device. These surgically placed, electronic devices are small yet powerful, helping where a hearing aid can’t by bypassing damaged parts of the ear and stimulating the auditory nerve.

How Do We Prepare for an Implantable Hearing Device?

It can feel very scary for a parent to watch their child undergo surgery, but rest easy knowing that implantable hearing device surgery isn’t as intimidating as it may seem. Your child will sleep through the entire pain-free procedure.

Little prep work is required once approved for surgery, taking the stress off of you and your child.

What Should We Expect During an Implantable Hearing Device Procedure?

Implantable hearing devices renew and improve your child’s quality of life, allowing them to hear and understand sounds they wouldn’t have been able to before, aiding in their development and social skills.

Is My Child a Good Candidate for an Implantable Hearing Device?

These devices are best suited for children who are deaf or have moderate to severe hearing loss. A hearing device team with an audiologist and ENT will determine if your child qualifies for a hearing implant.

Where Is the Best Place to Get an Implantable Hearing Device in McLean for My Child?

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