Restylane™ is hyaluronic acid containing fillers which has the capacity to fill very thin areas such as under the eyelids and lips without leaving visible lumps or discoloration.  The effect of injection is immediate unlike muscle relaxers which can take a few days.  It is usually injected in the infra-orbital grooves (below the eyes),  cheek grooves,  lips,  marionette lines,  jowls, cheeks,  depressed scars, acne scars,  facial irregularities (e.g. over the nose).  Ice is used as the topical “anesthetic” although larger treatment areas can be anesthetized with topical cream and local injection if the patient desires.  Post injection bruising and swelling can occur although most people are able to get back to their normal activities immediately.  No deep rubbing the injected areas and no exercise or flying for 24 hours.  In general, this agent is very safe and usually act locally where it is injected,   systemic effects are rare.   The effect of the augmentation can last 3-6 months, although in the infra-orbital grooves, it can last for a year.   It is also unique that there is a reversing agent available which can dissolve the filler if the patient does not like the result.