Tongue Tie

Tongue Tie

Tongue Tie in McLean

Tongue tie, which usually forms in the womb, is a condition in which the fold of tissue under the tongue is either too short or too tight.

This tissue, called the frenulum, ties the tip of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. 

What Are Common Symptoms of Tongue Tie?

This condition can range from mild to severe and symptoms can vary depending on a child’s age. In a newborn, tongue tie can interfere with breastfeeding and can cause a baby to have difficulty latching. 

In older kids, it can cause difficulty with speech, especially when pronouncing certain letters. It can cause children to cut their tongue on their teeth, as well as cause tooth decay. 

How Is Tongue Tie Diagnosed?

Your child’s ENT specialist will conduct an exam. They will check to see how severely the frenulum is restricting movement of the tongue, and if your child is old enough, they’ll listen to them speak. 

How Is Tongue Tie Treated?

Over time, the frenulum can stretch on its own, which means your child may not need treatment. Whenever possible, your ENT specialist will look to non-surgical options for correcting tongue tie.

This can include lactation intervention to help your baby latch properly, or for older kids, speech therapy. 

Surgical treatments can include separating the frenulum from the tongue or a surgery called frenuloplasty that rearranges the tissue. After a proper evaluation, your ENT specialist will determine the best treatment for your child. 

Where Should I Go for the Best Treatment for a Tongue Tie in McLean?

Your child is in good hands with the providers at ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery, as are our many satisfied patients.

Specialty trained and skilled with pediatric health conditions, you can be sure your child will get the best possible treatment for tongue tie.

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