Dysport™ and Xeomin™

Dysport™ is a muscle relaxer. It causes a temporary blockage of muscle activity in a specific area where it is injected. It is similar to Botox™, however, it is a more refined version that has greater activity. Its onset of action is usually faster (about 1-3 days for most patients versus 5-7 days for BotoxTM and lasts longer (3-12 months for most patients versus 3 months for Botox™). It is injected per area such as: mid-line glabella furrows (the area between the brows), forehead, lateral canthal (crow’s feet), brow elevation, creping lines under the eyelids and bunny lines over the nose. Injections usually only require topical ice for “anesthetic” although, for more sensitive patients, a topical anesthetic cream can be used. Post injection bruising can occur, however, we can remedy it quickly with a special anti-bruising laser treatment. Dysport™ has the same side effect profile as BotoxTM. There are restrictions post-injection which are as follows: no rubbing the treatment areas and no exercise activity for the next 24 hours. In general, these agents are very safe and usually act locally where they are injected, and systemic effects are rare.