Tympanoplasty Northern Virginia

Tympanoplasty in McLean, Virginia

There can be many sources that cause a ruptured eardrum, also known as perforated eardrum, for instance, ear infections, extremely loud noises, and foreign objects puncturing the eardrum.

The best way to repair a ruptured eardrum that can’t heal on its own is through a tympanoplasty. 

Why Choose Tympanoplasty?

Most ruptured eardrums repair themselves within about two months. However, some don’t. When left untreated, ruptured eardrums can lead to hearing loss and water being able to get into your middle ear, which can lead to chronic ear infections.

What Does Tympanoplasty Feel Like?

Surgery is done under general anesthesia. There are several different methods, and they can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 90 minutes to perform. The best way to find out which procedure is right for your perforated eardrum is by seeking a board-certified ENT surgeon.

When I See Tympanoplasty Results?

Usually, you only need to stay for one night of observation after your tympanoplasty.  However, you need a couple weeks off of work or school for recovery. Your hearing returns as your eardrum slowly heals. It may take up to three months to completely heal, but additional surgeries are usually unnecessary.

Am I a Good Candidate for Tympanoplasty?

If you have perforated eardrums that haven’t healed on their own, and are suffering from symptoms like chronic ear infections, hearing loss, or dizziness, then you may be an ideal candidate for tympanoplasty. 

Where Can I Find the Best ENT Surgeons for Tympanoplasty in McLean, Virginia?

Don’t suffer in pain. When you have an eardrum that won’t heal, it’s time to turn to ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery. We have the most experienced audiology and ENT surgeons in McLean, Virginia.

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