Swallowing Issues

Swallowing Issues

Swallowing Issues

Swallowing Issues in McLean

Dysphagia is a swallowing issue that simply means you have difficulty swallowing. This condition can be marked by the inability to swallow liquids, pain while swallowing, drooling, and / or difficulty swallowing safely.

This condition can make it difficult to consume calories and may lead to serious health problems.

How Are Swallowing Issues Diagnosed?

It’s important to keep track of the symptoms you experience and for how long. Your ENT doctor will use that information along with an exam to help determine a diagnosis.

Some tests that may be recommended to confirm a diagnosis include a barium test, endoscopy, CT scans, or a swallowing study. A combination of tests may be used for an accurate diagnosis.

How Are Swallowing Issues Treated?

There are different types of dysphagia and various forms of treatment. Your treatment depends on your specific diagnosis. This can include muscle exercises to increase strength in facial muscles or learning to eat in a new way.

What Conditions Are Associated With Swallowing Issues?

Dysphagia is often a symptom of another health condition. Esophageal dysphagia, which can feel like food getting stuck in the back of your throat or a sensation of food getting caught in your chest, has several causes including esophageal stricture, tumors, GERD, or foreign bodies.

Another cause of dysphagia is oropharyngeal dysphagia which weakens the throat muscles. This is a more serious form of dysphagia that can be related to cancer, neurological disorders, or neurological damage.

Can Dysphagia Go Away Without Treatment?

Dysphagia can be temporary and go away on its own. However,  it is best t see an ENT specialist for a proper diagnosis since it can be caused by a serious issue.

Where Can I Get Treatment for Swallowing Issues in McLean?

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