Under-Eye Filler

Under-Eye Filler

Under-Eye Filler in McLean, Virginia

Under-eye filler, also known as tear trough filler, is a dermal filler that reduces the appearance of hollows under the eyes so you appear well rested.

If you’re tired of looking tired no matter how much sleep you get, tear trough filler may be just what you need to look more youthful!

Why Choose Tear Trough Fillers for Under-Eye Rejuvenation?

This quick injection technique doesn’t require surgery or general anesthesia, which both come with a lot of risk and a high price tag. You can eliminate the sticker shock with this much more affordable option. And, there’s no downtime required, so you can resume nearly all normal activities without disruption after your appointment.

What Do Dermal Fillers Feel like?

While you shouldn’t experience much other than a brief pinching or stinging sensation followed by a sense of pressure, a topical anesthetic can be used beforehand to make your procedure more comfortable.

When Will I See Under-Eye Filler Results? 

Results of your rejuvenation procedure can be seen immediately. As swelling subsides, your final results will become evident. This could take up to two weeks, after which you should enjoy your more rested look for up to 18 months.

Am I a Good Candidate for Tear Trough Filler? 

You’re likely a great candidate if you are an adult in generally good health and have under-eye circles caused by thin skin, lax skin, or lack of volume in the area. To determine whether you qualify, book a consultation with an experienced tear trough filler injector.

Where Is the Best Place to Go for Under-Eye Filler in McLean? 

Choose ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery, where our providers including Dr. Ednan Mushtaq are highly trained and second to none.

Contact us at 703-448-0005 to schedule your consultation today to find out if fillers or one of our other treatment options are the best way for you to give your appearance – and your confidence – a little boost!