Ear Tube Placement

Ear Tube Placement

Ear Tube Placement

Ear Tube Placement in in McLean, Virginia

Most children get ear infections. In fact, by the age of five, almost every child has had at least one. Even though most ear infections heal on their own, sometimes they stick around and become a chronic problem. Ear tube placement is a wonderful option to correct chronic ear infections.

Why Choose Ear Tube Placement?

Placement is needed when you suffer from repeated middle ear infections or if you have hearing loss due to constant fluid in your middle ear. These symptoms usually occur in children but can happen with adults, too. If left untreated, ear infections can lead to hearing loss or changes to the structure of your ear drum.

What Does Ear Tube Placement Feel Like?

There are two types of basic ear tubes: short term and long term. Short-term tubes are smaller and fall out on their own in about six months to a year. Long-term tubes are secured in place. They are placed in the ear through a procedure called a myringotomy. The procedure uses general anesthesia and is over in about 15 minutes.

When Will I See Results With Ear Tube Placement?

You are typically able to go home within two hours after your surgery, and any hearing loss caused by middle ear fluid is restored immediately. You may be prescribed antibiotic ear drops for a few days, but most patients report little to no pain after surgery.

Am I a Good Candidate for Ear Tube Placement?

Most ear tube placements are performed on children between the ages of one and three, but if you’re an adult who suffers from chronic middle ear infections, ear tubes may be right for you. The only way to know what treatment is best for you is by seeking a board-certified ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor.

Where Is the Best Place to Go for Ear Tube Placement in McLean, Virginia?

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