Throat Pain

Throat Pain

Throat Pain McLean Virginia

Throat Pain in McLean

Throat pain itself is simply when your throat hurts. It can have multiple causes and can range from mild soreness to severe pain.

You may notice the pain worsens when you swallow. A common cause of throat pain is viral infections like pharyngitis. A less common cause is a bacterial infection like strep throat.

How Is Throat Pain Diagnosed?

Diagnosis begins with a thorough physical exam. Your ENT doctor will use a light to look for white spots, swelling, or redness in your throat. Your doctor may also check for swollen glands. If needed, a throat swab will be taken and tests completed to confirm a diagnosis.

What Are Common Symptoms of Throat Pain?

Symptoms of throat pain depend on the cause. You may experience dryness, scratchiness, a hard time swallowing, and / or a hoarse voice. You may also see redness, swollen / red tonsils, pus, and / or white patches on your tonsils. In addition, you may be able to feel the swelling of your glands.

If you have throat pain caused by an infection, you might experience a fever, runny nose, cough, headache, nausea with or without vomiting, and / or body aches.

How Is Throat Pain Treated?

Treatment is determined by the cause. Viral infections, which usually last around seven days, aren’t usually treated with prescription medications, but you can use OTC acetaminophen or other pain relievers to ease the symptoms.

Bacterial infections do require treatment with antibiotics. It is important to take all of your medication as prescribed, even if you’re feeling better. Not taking the full course of treatment can result in more serious health conditions. Other conditions that aren’t viral or bacterial infections may require a different type of treatment.

Where Can I Get Top Treatments for Throat Pain in McLean, Virginia?

If you are experiencing throat pain, please give us a call. ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery successfully diagnoses and treats all throat pain causes and symptoms.

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