Ear Plug Sensation

Ear Plug Sensation

What Is an Ear Plug Sensation?

An ear plug sensation is when your ears feel like they are clogged. Specifically, the eustachian tubes in your ears may feel plugged. This feeling can be the result of the aftermath of a cold or allergies. However, several other underlying ear issues can contribute to this problem.

While this sensation may be harmless, it can also indicate the presence of an infection or damage to your ear. You may also experience symptoms such as hearing loss and dizziness in tandem with the ear plug sensation.

What Should I Expect During Ear Plug Sensation Treatment?

While the ear clogging sensation can resolve itself naturally over time, you can also try home remedies and make a visit to a specialist. At-home remedies may include steaming and over-the-counter (OTC) medication to resolve the cold or allergies.

If you visit a specialist, they can provide you with treatments that tackle the issue at a deeper level. For example, a specialist can use special tools to remove a blockage, and they can prescribe antibiotics or antifungal medications if necessary.

In some rare cases, a growth can develop in your ear and cause a blockage. If this occurs, your specialist may suggest surgery to remove the growth and improve symptoms.

What Are Symptoms That I Need an Ear Plug Sensation Treatment?

The main symptom that suggests you are experiencing an ear plug is feeling like something is physically stuck in your ear.  You may also experience hearing loss or pain with the sensation of plugging, depending on the cause.

Where Can I Get the Best Treatment for Ear Disorders in McLean?

The place to be if you need ear plug sensation treatment is ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery. Our team works hard to provide you with care so that you will be rid of ear plug sensation.

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