3 Signs You Should See a Hearing Aid Specialist in Virginia

3 Signs You Should See a Hearing Aid Specialist in Virginia

Losing your hearing can be scary and confusing, making you feel alone and even hopeless. This shouldn’t be the case anymore, with modern advancements and aids available to help you.

Here are the top three signs it’s time to see a hearing aid specialist in Virginia.

  • You Have Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss

Moderate and even severe hearing loss patients can benefit from a hearing aid, either as a standalone device or to supplement other hearing devices. Moderate hearing loss is described as not hearing sounds quieter than 41 to 55 decibels, such as a normal volume conversation or fridge running.

With severe hearing loss, you cannot hear anything below 90 decibels, such as a nearby motorcycle. Patients with such levels of hearing loss, and in between, can benefit from seeing a hearing aid specialist.

  • You Can Hear People But Not Understand Them

You may be able to hear people talking, but you can’t quite make out the words. Or, you ask people to speak up or repeat themselves, especially in noisy situations. A hearing aid will help you to focus on conversation and hear words clearly, instead of jumbled noise.

  • You Need the Television or Radio to be Louder Than Normal

This is one of the first signs you may be experiencing hearing loss and could benefit from visiting a hearing aid specialist.

Unfortunately, this sign could be damaging your hearing even further, now that you require music or TV to be at a louder decibel. Consider seeing a specialist in order to improve your hearing and prevent further complications.

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