4 Clear Signs You Need a Same-Day Hearing Aid Adjustment

4 Clear Signs You Need a Same-Day Hearing Aid Adjustment

Are you feeling like the world around you is muffled, even with your hearing aids in? If your devices aren’t giving you the crystal-clear sound you crave, it might be time for a tune-up.

Like your car needs regularly scheduled maintenance for optimal performance, your hearing aids need it to keep you hearing your best too.

Let’s dive into how a same-day hearing aid adjustment can turn up the volume on your life!

Here’s Why Hearing Aid Adjustments Matter

You might be wondering, “Why do I need to adjust my hearing aids if they’re already fitted?”

Great question! Our ears are unique, and so is our hearing loss.

Over time, changes in your hearing or even the environments you frequent can affect how well your hearing aids work.

Here’s the bottom line: Regular adjustments ensure your devices are optimized for your specific needs, giving you the best possible hearing experience.

Signs You Need a Same-Day Hearing Aid Adjustment

Not sure if you need an adjustment? How do you know if your hearing aids are working? Here are some signs to listen for:

  • Muffled sounds: Conversations sounding like they’re happening underwater mean you should see a specialist for a tune-up.
  • Feedback or whistling sounds: These issues can indicate your hearing aids are not fitting correctly and / or need recalibration.
  • Difficulty in noisy environments: Struggling to hear in restaurants or crowded places? An adjustment can help filter out background noise and enhance speech clarity.
  • Volume issues: If you constantly need to turn the volume up or down, your hearing aids might not be set properly for your hearing loss.

Hear Here, at ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery

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