5 Reasons to Take Your Child to the Best Pediatric ENT in Northern Virginia

Best Pediatric ENT

As a parent, understanding your child’s healthcare needs can be difficult. What can be treated at home, and when should you visit a doctor?

Here are just five reasons your child would need to see the best pediatric ENT in Northern Virginia!

  • Difficulty Hearing

Statistics show that hearing loss affects one to five per 1,000 children. While it’s not the most common childhood ailment, hearing loss in children isn’t uncommon either. If you notice that your child is having issues with hearing, take them to an ENT as soon as possible.

  • Frequent Nosebleeds

The occasional nosebleed, especially after a minor injury, isn’t unusual and clears up on its own. Frequent nosebleeds with seemingly no cause require a visit to an ENT to determine the underlying cause.

  • Recurring Infections

Ear infections are incredibly common for children specifically, more so than adults. A lot of the time, one visit to their primary pediatrician is enough to get rid of infections. Recurring nose, throat, and / or ear infections however demand specialized care.

  • Snoring

Snoring is not normal for a child. If your child is experiencing constant snoring, an ENT should investigate further to ensure it’s not sleep apnea or other breathing disorders.

  • Speech Delays

A language delay usually goes hand in hand with difficulty hearing, but they are separate issues. A tongue tie, for example, can cause a language delay. No matter the case, it should be evaluated.

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