Can a Hearing Specialist in Tysons Corner Remove Earwax?

Can a Hearing Specialist in Tysons Corner Remove Earwax?

An excess of earwax can damage your ability to hear properly. Should you go to a hearing specialist in Tysons Corner to have earwax removed?

Here is what you need to know!

Why Is Earwax Removal Important?

While earwax serves an important function, an excess can negatively impact your ear health and hearing. Earwax protects your ears from outside substances, as well as bacteria and fungi.

If a build-up of earwax blocks the ear canal, you may experience tinnitus or an earache in addition to hearing damage / hearing loss.

Do At-Home Remedies Work For Earwax Removal?

There are a few at-home remedies that people try for earwax removal. Unfortunately, many of these techniques end up causing problems and not working very effectively. A cotton swab can damage your eardrum and push wax in further.

Using an ear candle has been shown to not only not be effective, and it can leave you vulnerable to burns and damage to the ear canal.

You can try to soften your earwax with a small amount of baby oil or diluted hydrogen peroxide. In some cases, these treatments can actually cause earwax to go deeper than where it originated.

So, it’s best to leave treatment to a specialist.

Can a Hearing Specialist in Tysons Corner Remove Earwax?

Yes, a hearing specialist uses a small metal implement or suction to remove the wax from your ear after locating any blockages with an otoscope.

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