Can You Replace Just One Hearing Aid?

Can You Replace Just One Hearing Aid?

Accidents happen, and sometimes the victim is your hearing aid.

Whether you mistakenly dropped one and broke it, lost one, or had some other type of misfortune, it’s not fun having just one fully functional hearing aid.

So, can you replace just one hearing aid? Here’s what you need to know.

Can You Replace Just One Hearing Aid?

Yes, it’s possible to replace just one if one of them becomes damaged, lost, or no longer works properly. However, there are some things to consider, including:

  • Having your hearing needs checked: Before replacing a single device, schedule an appointment with your audiologist to test your hearing. It’s possible that your hearing needs may have changed, which means you may need a different kind of hearing aid.
  • Matching technology: If you have a pair of hearing aids, they are likely programmed to work together to provide a balanced hearing experience. If you replace only one hearing aid, make sure that it’s the same make and model to avoid a technology mismatch.
  • Hearing balance: The ears work together to help us perceive sound accurately and maintain balance. If you only replace one hearing aid, you may experience differences in sound perception and difficulty in localizing sounds.

So, while the answer to your question, “Can you replace just one hearing aid,” is yes, the best course of action is to first consult with your audiologist. This way, your hearing can be assessed and you can discuss the best option for your new device.

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