Do I Need a Reoccurring Chronic Sinus Specialist in McLean, Virginia?

Chronic Sinus Specialist

If you struggle with persistent nose and sinus issues, you’re likely wondering how to put an end to them for good. Here’s when it’s time to visit a reoccurring chronic sinus specialist in McLean, Virginia, and how they can help!

What Is a Sinus Specialist?

Alongside training as an ear, nose, and throat doctor, or simply ENT, a sinus specialist has undergone extensive and specific training to treat serious nasal and sinus issues with advanced treatments that your standard ENT isn’t able to provide.

Sinus specialists are especially trained in surgical procedures for recurrent nasal and sinus conditions. Most of these surgeries are performed endoscopically, eliminating surgical incisions and instead operating through the nostrils.

When Is It Time to See a Sinus Specialist?

There are several reasons to see a sinus specialist, such as:

  • Complexity: You have a sinus condition that requires expert care due to its rarity or complexity. Or, you have an underlying condition causing recurring sinus infections.
  • Frequency: You’re experiencing recurrent sinus infections, persistent headaches around your eyes, difficulty breathing through your nose, and / or have chronic nasal or sinus problems.
  • Longevity: Put simply, your symptoms have gone on for too long. If it’s not recurring sinus issues with a pause in between, then it’s constant, chronic symptoms, infections, and more. It’s typically considered chronic if it’s persisted for three months or longer.
  • Options: You’ve exhausted all of your treatment options with the endless antibiotics, nasal sprays, and more. These medications either temporarily fix the problem or don’t work at all and may indicate that it’s time for advanced treatment, such as a sinus balloon.

Or, maybe you just want a better understanding of your sinus condition, finding that your primary care provider is not providing the answers or education you need for your specific concerns. No matter your reasoning, meeting with a sinus specialist is highly beneficial and can provide insight you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

How Can a Sinus Specialist Help?

One of the most common surgeries a sinus specialist performs is a balloon sinuplasty, an endoscopic surgery performed to clear blocked sinuses. It’s especially used for patients with chronic sinusitis including recurring or prolonged sinus infections. FDA cleared and minimally invasive, a balloon sinuplasty is rather straightforward, and complications are minimal.

The procedure itself is fairly simple and can be performed under either local or general anesthesia. An anesthesia plan will be discussed between you and your surgeon prior to treatment.

During the procedure, your sinus specialist inserts an endoscope to insert a catheter into your nostril. This catheter is used to guide a small balloon into your sinuses that is then slowly inflated to unblock your sinuses.

The balloon is then deflated and removed, or the process is repeated before finally deflating and removing the balloon. Your sinuses will then be allowed to drain properly, promoting healing and putting an end to chronic infections.

Thanks to the anesthesia, a balloon sinuplasty should be completely painless. At most, patients report feeling a strange but tolerable pressure in their sinuses. Healing after surgery should not take long, with recovery taking about one to two weeks.

You can expect follow-up appointments after your first week, then at three months and a year. These appointments will involve a nasal endoscopy to ensure you’ve healed correctly and that your nasal health is improving.

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