Facelift Downtime: How Much Time Should I Expect?

Facelift Downtime: How Much Time Should I Expect?

A facelift is a popular way to reverse the signs of aging and lift sagging skin for a youthful glow.

But, what’s the recovery process like? Is it worth it? If you’re wondering, “Facelift downtime, how much time should I expect,” then here’s what you need to know!

What Should I Consider When Creating a Recovery Plan?

You should have your recovery plan figured out before your surgery, as it will make your recovery process a lot easier. This includes meal planning, pet care, housework, picking up prescriptions, and other activities that may need to be done in advance.

It’s recommended that you have a trusted friend or family member with you, at least for the first day of recovery.

Facelift Downtime, How Much Time Should I Expect? How Long Is Recovery?

The facelift recovery process is actually fairly simple, so if you’re wondering, “Facelift downtime, how much time should I expect,” you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can introduce everyday tasks sooner than you might think.

For the first three to four days, it’s advised that you rest and take good care of yourself. After those few days, you may notice that you no longer need prescription pain relief and can participate in some housework, as long as your surgeon permits it.

Your surgeon will likely recommend that you wait two weeks before you return to work or school. The same goes for activities like light exercise. Day 30 is typically when your life really goes back to normal and you can resume regular activities.

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