How Much Do the Best Medical Facials in McLean, VA Cost?

Best Medical Facials in McLean

Ah, facials. This is the kind of treatment that brings to mind luxury and relaxation! Both of those things are important of course, but what should matter to you most are the results.

If you want ultimate skin rejuvenation, you want the best medical facials in McLean, VA. Here’s what you need to know!

Spa Facials vs. Medical Facials – What’s the Difference?

Spa facials do provide benefits such as healthy, radiant skin, but they don’t usually treat skin concerns on a clinical level. That’s what medical facials are for.

Treatments such as microdermabrasion, RF microneedling, and chemical peels are considered medical facials that treat multiple concerns while healing your skin.

What Are the Benefits of Medical Facials?

The best medical facials in McLean, VA, provide three important benefits:

  • Customization: Spa facials aren’t usually customized, while medical facials can be. Usually, treatment begins with a skin analysis so your skincare specialist can properly evaluate your distinctive needs.
  • Medical grade products: These are non-invasive products that have low risks but are effective at addressing your skin concerns.
  • Deeper treatment: As mentioned, medical facials heal your skin, and they do this from the inside out. Spa facials only treat the surface.

So, What Should I Expect to Pay for a Medical Facial?

This is a tough question to answer without a consultation, simply because there are so many options. There are also factors such as your location, the skill / experience of your provider, and the complexity of your skin concerns that will influence how much you pay.

That being said, medical facials typically cost $150 to $475, though they can fall outside that range.

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