How Quickly Will My Nose Heal After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

How Quickly Will My Nose Heal After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is an incredibly life-changing surgery, however the recovery process has many patients feeling nervous.

If you’re wondering, “How quickly will my nose heal after rhinoplasty surgery,” here’s what you need to know!

When Is a Rhinoplasty Considered to Be Fully Healed?

Rhinoplasty, or nose job, is considered to be healed at three to six months. This is usually when most of the swelling dissipates, allowing the full results to be enjoyed. However, many plastic surgeons don’t consider a rhinoplasty to be completely healed until a year has passed.

This is because improvement, maturation, and any natural changes continue in the nose for a year. Remaining swelling can also take a year to go down, so it’s best not to judge your results for at least that long.

How Quickly Will My Nose Heal After Rhinoplasty Surgery? What’s the Timeline Like?

Rhinoplasty recovery isn’t as daunting or difficult as you may think. Each recovery process looks different but follows this general timeline:

  • 24 Hours: Rest is a priority for the first 24 hours. If you were given sedation or general anesthesia, you may feel drowsy and shouldn’t drive.
  • 48 Hours: Light walking is recommended, but rest is still a priority. Do not drive if you’ve been taking the prescribed pain medication.
  • Five Days: You can now return to work or school if neither are physically demanding.
  • Two Weeks: Limitations are reduced, and you may be able to return to a more physical job or activity.
  • Four Weeks: Vigorous activities should still be avoided, but you can begin to incorporate moderate-intensity exercise or workloads.
  • Six Weeks and Up: You should generally have no more physical restrictions, bruising and / or pain should be fully gone, and swelling is much improved.

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