Ringing in the Ear? Find Out How to Fix

Ringing in the Ear? Find Out How to Fix

If you’ve experienced ringing in your ears, you’ve undeniably searched in a fit of desperation, “Ringing in the ear, how to fix?”

Annoying at best and uncomfortable at worst, what are some ways you can find relief? Keep reading to find out!

So, Have Ringing in the Ear? How to Fix? Here’s the Scoop!

Ringing in the ear is oftentimes very temporary and usually a side effect of loud noises, such as concerts. For temporary ringing, here are a few tips for finding relief:

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine use.
  • Distract yourself by listening to podcasts, practicing yoga, or another activity at a low volume.
  • Incorporate white noise such as a fan when trying to sleep or relax.
  • Limit exposure to loud noises by avoiding in-ear headphones and listening to TV at a lower volume.
  • Try head tapping, a simple process meant to mimic the sound of a drum inside of your head and relieve ringing.

Also, be sure to utilize preventative measures in the future such as ear plugs and taking breaks from loud noises.

When Should You Seek Medical Help for Ringing?

If you’ve tried the above tips and still have persistent ringing in the ear, how to fix it is by seeking medical attention, especially if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • Ringing that comes and goes suddenly but always returns
  • Ringing lasts more than a week
  • Ringing that is rhythmic / sounds like a pulse
  • Symptoms only in one ear
  • Hearing loss, whether temporary or permanent
  • Dizziness and / or nausea
  • Discharge from your ear alongside ringing

ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery Is Here to Help and Can Stop Ringing in Your Ears!

It’s important that you protect and preserve your hearing, and ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery understands the frustration ear ringing brings as well as the complexities of each individual case.

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