What Is an Audiology Specialist in Vienna, Virginia

What Is an Audiology Specialist in Vienna VA

If you’re experiencing a noticeable loss of hearing or that annoying ringing in your ears, it is time to seek help from an audiology specialist in Vienna, Virginia.

Leaving hearing problems untreated is never a good idea.

Can You Tell Me a Bit About Audiology?

Sure! Believe it or not, the study of hearing loss dates back to the fourth century BC! It’s a specialized medical branch that deals with conditions related to balance and hearing.

What Exactly Is an Audiology Specialist?

An audiology specialist exams, diagnoses, and treats conditions related to balance and hearing disorders. They can also provide therapy including hearing aids, as well as counseling to help you cope with hearing conditions.

What Specific Conditions Will My Audiology Specialist Help Me With?

Your audiology specialist is capable of assisting with hearing disability, auditory processing disorders, and hearing amplification. In addition, they can help with therapies aimed at reducing the effects of tinnitus, treating balance disorders, and coping with sensitivity to sounds.

Does Age Matter?

Not at all. Newborns to adults can all experience hearing loss and disorders related to the condition. An audiology specialist in Vienna, Virginia is trained and educated to help everyone regardless of age.

What About Speech Language Pathology?

It’s not uncommon for a hearing disability to cause problems with speech, communication, and swallowing. Your audiology specialist will help with speech impairment as well as language disorders, social communication, cognitive communication, and swallowing disorders.

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