Your Expert Guide to Choosing the Top Hearing Aid Specialist in Falls Church, Virginia

Your Expert Guide to Choosing the Top Hearing Aid Specialist in Falls Church

If you require hearing aids, it’s important to know who you can turn to and trust for the entire process from fittings to adjustments.

Keep reading to learn six easy tips to choose the right hearing aid specialist in Falls Church, Virginia for you!

  • Ask for a Referral to a Hearing Aid Specialist From Your Primary Care Provider (PCP)

This is usually how most people start the process of acquiring hearing aids. Visit your PCP to ask for a referral to an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. This can also help with insurance coverage, as some insurers require you to receive a referral in order to cover your devices.

  • Consider Going to an Audiologist

There are two main hearing specialists you might visit: an audiologist or a hearing instrument specialist / hearing aid dispenser. The difference between the two is pretty significant, even if they both provide hearing aid-related care.

A hearing aid specialist / dispenser is exactly that – a specialist who is trained to fit and program hearing aids. They do not diagnose hearing loss or do much outside of helping you acquire hearing aids.

An audiologist however is involved in the entire process. They provide any and all audiology tests, as well as fit and program your aids. They even offer implantable hearing devices and other solutions if it turns out hearing aids aren’t right for you. For this reason, many people prefer to visit an audiologist.

  • Join a Local Group for Support and Referral

Community is everything when you’re facing a hearing loss diagnosis. Joining a local group of other hearing aid users not only provides you with necessary emotional support, but you can even ask others where they went to get their hearing aids and whether they recommend their specialist.

  • Look at Credentials

Finding a hearing aid specialist isn’t too difficult if you know what credentials to look for.

Their credentials should be impressive and verifiable. Make sure that their licenses are up to date, check out their education and training, and see how long they’ve been in practice.

Fellowships and board certification are also important, particularly with the American Academy of Audiology and the American Board of Audiology.

  • Plan Around Your Budget and Coverage

Hearing aids are an investment. Take the time to plan around your budget and insurance coverage, and let your hearing aid specialist know what you can and can’t afford at the moment.

There are basic and premium hearing aids offered by most practices, ensuring that you’ll find a pair that fits within your budget. You should ask about financing if needed, so you can pay your hearing aids off gradually instead of all at once.

  • See What Previous Patients Say About Working With Providers in Which You’re Interested

Similar to getting to know your local community of hearing aid users, reviews and testimonials are another great way to learn what other patients are saying. The internet is an incredibly useful tool for this with third-party review sites.

Of course, you should take these reviews with a grain of salt. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their healthcare team. What’s most important is that you check that these reviews are honest and come from real patients.

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