Are Permanent Laser Hair Removal Results in Vienna, VA Actually Forever?

Are Permanent Laser Hair Removal Results in Vienna, VA Actually Forever?

Hair, hair, hair everywhere! The constant shaving, waxing, plucking – do you really want to keep wasting your time, or is it more sensible to make hair removal a whole lot easier?

You can, with permanent laser hair removal results in Vienna, VA!

Truth Time – Are Laser Hair Removal Results REALLY Permanent?

Laser hair removal (LHR) results are undoubtedly long lasting. When done correctly by a skilled provider, the hair follicles are destroyed and can’t regrow hair. These results are permanent! Sometimes, the follicle is only damaged, which inhibits future hair growth for a long time before the follicle heals. What does grow back after a long time is fewer, finer, and lighter.

Did you know that laser hair removal is also good for you? It is! The heat helps stimulate collagen which is necessary for healthy skin. It’s really a win-win treatment!

If you complete your entire treatment plan, you’ll enjoy results that last for months, and in many cases, years. Because hair follicles can be dormant for long periods of time, maintenance sessions may be needed once or twice a year for most patients.

You Will Likely Need Multiple Sessions

For permanent laser hair removal results in Vienna, VA, you will need to schedule multiple sessions. Patients tend to benefit most from a series of four to six, but it really depends on the area(s) and the type of hair you wish to remove.

Your hair grows in four stages – anagen, catagen, telegen, and exogen. LHR only works during the anagen or growth stage. For this reason, you’ll schedule your laser hair removal sessions approximately four to six weeks apart.

Here’s How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

You can achieve better results if you prepare for laser hair removal. So, what should you do?

Prepping for treatment isn’t difficult. Your provider will give you full pre-laser hair removal instructions, so be sure to follow those. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

  • Stop other hair removal methods except shaving. The hair root needs to be intact, otherwise the laser has nothing to target. Shaving is okay, but waxing, plucking, and even bleaching are off limits.
  • Be mindful of your sun exposure. Tanning, even with artificial UV rays, isn’t recommended. This makes your skin sensitive, which can cause treatment to be uncomfortable.
  • You might need to modify or stop certain medications. This is because there are some that cause skin sensitivity, and again, this can make for an unpleasant session. Speak to your provider if you take birth control, anti-inflammatory medicines, acne medication, or any medication that causes skin sensitivity. Do not stop any medication without approval of your prescribing healthcare provider.

LHR Aftercare Is a Breeze

While there is no downtime needed for recovery afterward, the way you take care of your skin can make or break your results. Many of the same instructions you receive to prepare for treatment apply to laser hair removal aftercare.

You can calm mild side effects by using cold compresses. It is possible to experience redness, swelling, and mild discomfort. Acetaminophen works well if you need an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Be careful with makeup, lotions, deodorants, fragrances, and oils immediately following treatment. These products can irritate your skin and delay healing.

Here’s a pro tip: While you do need to wait for a few days after treatment, it’s a good idea to gently exfoliate your skin after laser hair removal. This serves two purposes.

  • Exfoliation helps to prevent ingrown hairs if you are prone to them.
  • It can also speed up the process of hair shedding.

Before you exfoliate, make sure you are following the advice of your provider.

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