Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids in Northern Virginia?

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids in Northern Virginia?

Hearing loss is already difficult to navigate, and the stress of insurance coverage for treatment only contributes to this difficulty.

Does Medicare cover hearing aids in Northern Virginia? What are your options for coverage? Read on to find out!

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids in Northern Virginia? Why or Why Not?

Hearing aids, while necessary for both health and quality of life, are quite expensive medical devices. So, you would think there’d be more assistance with shouldering the cost. Sadly, Medicare coverage for hearing aids is lacking.

The answer to your question, “Does Medicare cover hearing aids in Northern Virginia,” may be disappointing. At this time, Medicare Part A and Part B will not cover hearing aids or additional related expenses in the state of Virginia. The exception is a hearing test referral provided by your primary doctor.

Where Can You Find Coverage Elsewhere for Your Hearing Health?

Medicare Advantage Plans, commonly referred to as Medicare Part C, are plans offered by Medicare-approved private companies to essentially boost your coverage. These upgraded plans include the benefits of Part A and B, as well as additional help with vision, dental, and hearing.

Contact an approved private company around you that offers these resources to consult with them for a quote, the coverage available to you, and whether the additional expense for coverage is worth it for you.

If you are currently unable to upgrade your Medicare coverage, consider looking into the many programs available in your state for assistance, such as the Northern Virginia Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons.

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