Fact or Fiction: Hearing Loss May Prevent Dementia

Fact or Fiction: Hearing Loss May Prevent Dementia

Both hearing loss and dementia continue to be confusing subjects for many, especially when it comes to their correlation.

Is it true that hearing loss may prevent dementia, or does it increase your risk? Here’s what experts have to say.

Hearing Loss vs. Dementia: What’s the Truth?

Research has established that not only are hearing loss and dementia connected, but that hearing loss could actually cause dementia. If you’ve heard the myth, “Hearing loss may prevent dementia,” consider it busted, as hearing loss is listed as one of the top risk factors.

There are four known ways hearing loss can increase your risk for dementia.

  • A common physiological pathway that contributes to and worsens both hearing loss and dementia. High blood pressure is a good example.
  • Cognitive load is another way, putting a constant strain on the patient, which then stresses the brain.
  • Hearing loss potentially affects brain structure, leading to future cognitive problems.
  • Social isolation plays a significant role. Hearing loss often leads to social withdrawal, a well-recognized risk for dementia.

What Can Be Done to Lower the Risk of Dementia?

The relationship between hearing loss and dementia is a complicated one, but hearing aids alongside lifestyle improvements are being studied for risk reduction.

Even if your hearing loss doesn’t seem to be too bad, mature or elderly patients may still benefit from the use of hearing aids to safeguard their mental processes and protect against cognitive impairments and conditions.

Talk with a doctor to learn more about the effects of hearing loss and whether hearing aids are right for you.

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*Since 2020, multiple reports have linked hearing loss and dementia. Hearing loss has been labeled as the number one modifiable risk factor in prevention of dementia.  We feel that modifying hearing loss could significantly delay the onset of dementia. Please call for an appointment. -Dr. Dreyfuss