Hearing Aid Specialist in McLean, Virginia

Hearing Aid Specialist in McLean Virginia

What’s the Difference Between an Audiologist and a Hearing Aid Specialist in McLean, Virginia?

Are you suffering from any degree of hearing loss and think you may benefit from a special device so that you can better engage in conversations or enjoy your favorite TV shows or music?

Then it’s time for an audiology evaluation to determine whether you need hearing aids. So, you may be wondering what type of specialist to see.

Do you need an audiologist? Or perhaps a hearing aid specialist in McLean, Virginia? What’s the difference between the two?

An Audiologist in McLean, Virginia Is a Medical Doctor With Either an AuD or PhD

An audiologist has undergone extensive schooling to obtain their masters, as well as a doctorate in audiology from an accredited university. Audiologists are able to diagnose conditions related to hearing, including hearing loss.

Additionally, they can help you choose a hearing aid based on your degree, type, and configuration of hearing loss, as well as fit you for the device.

A Hearing Aid Specialist in McLean, Virginia Knows All the Ins and Outs of Hearing Aid Devices

Hearing aid specialists do exactly that – specialize in hearing aids. They can help you choose an instrument to improve your auditory perception and fit you for the best device.

However, a hearing aid specialist is not a doctor and cannot perform a medical exam to check your hearing or determine the degree and / or type of hearing loss you may be suffering from.

Audiologists Are Hearing Aid Experts, But Not All Hearing Aid Specialists Are Audiologists

Regardless, you can find both audiologists and hearing aid specialists right here at ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery. Our top hearing hearing specialists look forward to helping you restore your hearing and the sense of wellbeing that comes with it.

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