How Long Should IPL Typically Last in McLean, Virginia?

How Long Should IPL Typically Last in McLean

Both genetics and aging can take a serious toll on your skin, resulting in less-than-flattering aesthetic concerns that then affect your confidence.

Fortunately for you, intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy exists, but what is it? How long should IPL typically last in McLean, Virginia? Read on to learn more!

What Is an IPL Photofacial? How Does It Work to Improve My Skin?

IPL is a type of skin rejuvenation therapy that uses multiple wavelengths of scattered light to gently heat up your skin cells, effectively damaging them so that they are eliminated by the body. This process causes new and healthy cells to regenerate, and it kick-starts collagen production.

This innovative technology is able to treat multiple concerns at once, including freckles, birthmarks, rosacea, sun damage, dark or age spots, fine lines, spider veins, unwanted hair, and scars.

How Long Should IPL Typically Last in McLean, Virginia? Is It Permanent?

How long results last depend on the specific issue you’re treating and how well you care for your skin after your IPL session. Results last a minimum of six months, but some patients have had their results last up to a year or even enjoyed permanent results depending on the skincare concern being addressed.

While it can delay the aging process, it can’t stop it entirely, so follow-up sessions are necessary.

What Is Getting a Photofacial Like? Is IPL Painful?

A numbing cream is applied to your skin prior to the treatment itself to ensure your comfort. Some people report a snapping or stinging sensation, which is tolerable but not exactly the most comfortable. Many people agree it’s worth it though!

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