How to Choose the Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Arlington, Virginia: 6 Helpful Tips

Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Arlington

Rhinoplasty is considered to be one of the most difficult, complex plastic surgeries in the field, which is why it’s so important to choose a talented, reputable surgeon.

Not sure where to start? Follow these six easy tips for choosing the top rhinoplasty surgeon in Arlington, Virginia!

  • Look for Board Certification

If your surgeon has board certification listed anywhere, it’s not just to boast or look impressive. Board certification is actually an incredibly important factor in choosing a surgeon for rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a nose job, as boards set a high standard that surgeons certified by them must follow.

The top rhinoplasty surgeon in Arlington, Virginia has received board certification with trusted boards like the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. This indicates that they’ve received the extensive education, training, and experience necessary to be certified.

  • Do Your Homework on Rhinoplasty

Despite being such a common surgery, a nose job is actually one of the most difficult and involved facial surgeries. Take the time to do research, especially if you’re electing to have one for cosmetic purposes.

Understand what you want from rhinoplasty as well. What are your goals? Are you prepared to approach rhinoplasty with realistic expectations? What are your concerns, be it aesthetic or health related? Give this some thought beforehand.

  • Have a Discussion About Cost and Insurance Coverage

Finding a doctor for rhinoplasty isn’t that difficult, but navigating costs and insurance coverage can be. This is a discussion you need to have with your surgeon during your consultation.

As a general rule, rhinoplasties performed for purely cosmetic reasons don’t receive insurance coverage, requiring you to pay for it out of pocket. When rhinoplasty is performed for medical reasons, however, coverage becomes easier. Either way, talk to your surgeon about potential fees and how to pay.

  • Look for the Right Credentials

Take a look at your surgeon’s education and training, fellowships, licenses, and other credentials. You should also consider how long they’ve studied and practiced. The more experience, the better. Rhinoplasty requires advanced skills, so you should never settle for less.

  • Schedule a Consultation to Interview Your Surgeon

Found a surgeon you like the look of? In that case, it’s time to take the next step and book a consultation. This not only ensures your candidacy for rhinoplasty but gives you the opportunity to get a feel for your surgeon and interview them.

How much experience do they have with cases like yours? Do they personalize treatment every step of the way? How often do they experience complications? In contrast, what do they do to prevent complications? Is their environment clean, welcoming, and organized? Consider all of this before committing.

  • Take a Look at Their Ratings

What are other people saying about the plastic surgeon you’re considering? Reviews are a powerful tool in determining whether a surgeon is reputable, skilled, and trustworthy. Your surgeon should have positive ratings that detail honest patient experiences.

You should also take a look at their portfolio. Your surgeon’s before / after images of previous patients give you an idea of their work and how they customize surgery to flatter their patients’ features, ensuring that you like the results they can produce.

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