Pediatric Same-Day ENT Specialist Near Tysons Corner: What to Expect During Your Visit

Pediatric ENT

It can be nerve racking as a parent for your child to experience an emergency that doesn’t quite warrant an emergency room visit.

Take a deep breath, remain calm, and book an appointment with your child’s same-day ENT specialist near Tysons Corner who specializes in pediatric care. Here’s what you can expect during your visit!

Prepare for Paperwork

Whether your child is a recurring patient or brand new, you expect to do paperwork before you meet with their same-day ENT specialist near Tysons Corner. Many providers offer new and existing patient forms online if you’d prefer to fill it out before you even enter the building.

Talk With Your Child’s ENT

In order to receive optimal care, make a list of the symptoms your child is experiencing. Do the same for any medications they’re taking if any, including prescribed and over-the-counter (OTC) meds as well as supplements.

During your pediatric ENT visit, you’ll likely need to talk with the specialist, particularly if your child is too young or doesn’t know how to navigate doctor’s visits yet. Take this time to discuss the issues they’re there for, those symptoms you wrote down, and other issues relating to their health.

Decide What to Do After a Physical Exam

After a chat, the ENT specialist will then perform a physical exam, taking a look at your child’s ears, nose, throat, and other areas of the head. You’ll go from there to determine if anything is wrong, best course of treatment, and whether further testing is needed.

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