What Will My Insurance Cover for Hearing Aids?

What Will My Insurance Cover for Hearing Aids?

Navigating the financial aspects of hearing loss can sometimes feel as challenging as the condition itself. You may even find yourself wondering: What will my insurance cover for hearing aids?

In this blog post, we’ll reveal what insurance can cover when it comes to hearing aid procurement and maintenance, so you can make a well-informed decision.

What Will My Insurance Cover for Hearing Aids?

One of the first things patients often ask is: What will my insurance cover for hearing aids? In order to accurately answer this question, we must consider the type of insurance coverage you have, your specific plan, and its associated benefits.

1. Commercial Health Insurance

For those with commercial health insurance, hearing aid coverage typically varies according to the policy and the state in which it’s issued.

Those lucky enough to have policies that do offer coverage may see either a portion of the hearing aid cost or a set amount, depending on the plan structure.

For this reason, it’s essential to call your insurer and check your benefits before committing to any audiology appointments or purchases to avoid costly surprises.

Additionally, some plans may require you to use in-network providers, underscoring the importance of checking beforehand.

2. Medicare Coverage

While original Medicare doesn’t include hearing aid coverage, there are Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Medicare Part C, that may offer some benefits.

These plans are provided by private insurers approved by Medicare. As such, they are required to cover everything that original Medicare does, but they may also cover additional services, including hearing aids.

In fact, for individuals over 65, exploring Medicare Advantage plans could be the key to more comprehensive hearing aid coverage. Some plans may include allowances for hearing tests, fittings, and, in some cases, the actual devices. It’s worth noting that terms and coverage amounts vary, so due diligence is critical.

3. Medicaid Coverage

If you have Medicaid and are wondering – What will my insurance cover for hearing aids? – here’s what you need to know.

Medicaid may provide hearing aid coverage to those who qualify based on financial need. In addition, some plans may include coverage for necessary services like hearing tests and fittings.

However, since Medicaid is a state-federal partnership with state-specific benefits and coverage criteria, coverage for hearing aids can differ widely.

As such, if you’re eligible for Medicaid, it’s best to contact your local Medicaid office or your state’s online marketplace. Doing so, will help you understand your specific benefits and coverage options.

Learn More About Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids

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