Will My Insurance Cover Hearing Aids and Tests?

Will My Insurance Cover Hearing Aids and Tests?

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, you’re probably wondering will my insurance cover hearing aids and tests? Before you purchase hearing aids or get a hearing test, here’s how to get answers.

Find Out if Your Audiologist Is Covered Under Your Insurance Plan!

A call to your insurance provider is a good first step to ensure that the audiologist you’ve chosen is covered under your insurance plan. Many insurance plans cover standard hearing tests.

Talking to your insurance provider is a great way to find out what is covered.

So, Will My Insurance Cover Hearing Aids and Tests? Well, Coverage for Hearing Aids Is Complicated.

When it comes to coverage for hearing aids, we can’t give you a straightforward answer. Some insurance companies cover at least part of the hearing aids.

There are many different types of hearing aids, so before you get yours, find out what coverage if any your insurance plan provides. 

Many plans consider hearing aids to be elective and offer no coverage, and some offer partial coverage, so it’s definitely worth the call to find out.

Medicaid coverage for hearing aids varies from state to state, and Medicare does not cover them at all but may cover hearing tests. 

Take Advantage of Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts!

Does your employer offer a HSA or a flexible spending account? If so, take advantage of it to save up for hearing aids. These accounts allow you to set aside money tax-free to pay for medical expenses, including hearing aids.

Visit a Qualified Audiologist Today

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