How Do Non-Surgical Sinus Pressure Treatments in Tysons Corner, Virginia Work?

Sinus Treatments

If you struggle with recurring infections, headaches, and sinus pressure, you’re likely wondering what your options are for long-term relief, especially after a sinusitis diagnosis.

Here’s what a sinus specialist has to say about non-surgical sinus pressure treatments in Tysons Corner, Virginia including balloon sinuplasty.

What Is a Minimally Invasive Sinus Pressure Procedure?

Minimally invasive sinus pressure procedures are surgeries that don’t use large incisions or other standard means of invasive surgery to address the problem. This is typically achieved by using an endoscope, a flexible medical device with a camera and light attached to it.

The benefits of a minimally invasive sinus surgery entail less pain, a faster, smoother recovery, decreased risk, and less tissue damage, all while remaining just as effective as traditional surgery.

What Is Balloon Sinuplasty? How Invasive Is It?

The most performed sinus pressure surgery is balloon sinuplasty. This procedure uses the method mentioned above, relying on an endoscope from start to finish.

Balloon sinuplasty isn’t all that complex or invasive, typically performed as an outpatient, in-office procedure. You’ll receive anesthesia and a topical decongestant prior to surgery, and then your surgeon will use an endoscope to insert a catheter into your nostril.

They’ll use the catheter to guide a small balloon into your sinuses, slowly inflating it to unblock your sinuses and then deflating it. They’ll either remove it then or repeat the process before deflating the balloon and removing it.

A highly effective treatment for sinus pressure, balloon sinuplasty offers the benefits of traditional surgery without all the difficulties.

Where Can I Learn More About Non-Surgical Sinus Pressure Treatments in Tysons Corner, Virginia?

ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery is proud to offer non-surgical sinus pressure treatments in Tysons Corner, Virginia, prioritizing our patient’s comfort by taking a minimally invasive approach.

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