What Happens During Same-Day Earwax Removal Near Tysons Corner

Same-Day Earwax Removal Near Tysons Corner

Have you been dealing with an earache or other symptoms such as itchiness or difficulty hearing? If so, there is a strong possibility the problem is earwax buildup. While not life threatening, it can be a serious issue that requires same-day earwax removal near Tysons Corner.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Try Earwax Removal at Home

Tempted as you may be to remedy the problem yourself, this is why you should schedule same-day earwax removal near Tysons Corner with an ENT specialist:

  1. At-home earwax removal methods, like cotton swabs or ear candles, risk pushing wax deeper into the ear, potentially damaging delicate structures or causing abrasions.
  2. DIY methods may not fully remove wax, leading to impaction and associated symptoms like hearing loss, pain, or tinnitus.
  3. Improper techniques can introduce bacteria or fungi, raising infection risk. Professional removal reduces these risks.

What Happens During Same-Day Earwax Removal Near Tysons Corner?

There is no need to worry! It is a simple procedure.

If this is your first visit with the specialist, you might be asked about your medical history, underlying health conditions, medications, and history of earwax issues. Based on your overall health, a treatment method is chosen.

You’ll sit comfortably as the professional inspects your ear with an otoscope. Removal methods may include suction, a curette, or warm water irrigation, depending on the blockage and ear sensitivity.

Recovery is quick, with mild discomfort or temporary hearing changes resolving in a day or two. Aftercare may involve ear drops to prevent blockage recurrence.

Beat That Blockage at ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery!

We know the buildup of earwax can be frustrating, to say the least! Our team can help. You can count on us to use the safest techniques and provide resources to help you keep your ears clean at home. Contact us at 703-448-0005 to book your appointment today!